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I had to leave before Michelle finished on Friday.By the time she actually sat down to start the nail treatment, it was 5 and I had to leave at 7--I believe Michelle left by 7:30.  I saw that Michelle was very gentle and responsive to Jane's requests and clearly a lovely person to boot. I will talk to Jane tomorrow and get her take on it....I suspect that it may have gone on a bit too long for Jane, but I'll verify that when we talk and let you know.  

Have a good weekend.
Please call your insurer to verify coverage before requesting an appointment. A prescription from a primary care professional is required and must contain a diagnosis code or we will be unable to bill your insurance. Co-pays and co-insurance are due at time of service and must be paid by cash or check.

Spa-Go's offers an amazing assortment of services designed to make the experience of life ending as beautiful as possible…

The below services are specifically designed for this time in mind and are geared towards a creation of peace, tranquility, and ease of anxiety and tension.   We hope to add support and care for both the passing and the surviving.  You won’t be able to help but smell the natural aroma’s and benefit emotionally from these fine aroma’s we use.  These aromatic essences fill the space, creating a beautiful energy.

The professionalism of our staff and care we bring, at such a difficult time, is our goal and mission.   We understand that life is a full circle and Spa-Go's wants to be there for the beginning of life to the end of life… and each occasion in between.

Dr. C is an inspiration in his mid 80's, you'd never know!  He receives a healthy program of massage and musical therapies each week.  We recommend applications of shea nut butter to help nourish and strengthen the skin.  Dr. C is a favorite with staff, we love him and am happy to offer some relief and enjoyment to his life through touch therapies with Spa-Go's.
Anointing Of Oil: This service is perfect for those in extreme pain or discomfort and is even used in times of turmoil and depression or struggle.  We’ve used this service for birthing experiences to end of life.  It is beneficial to those needed a connection to their spirit. Periods of depression or loss, grieving or praying.   An assortment of 12 oils mentioned in the Bible, Torah and other ancient written works are selected from. 
One of our aromatherapists or end of life angels will perform assessment and select the right essence for the need of the client and their situation.  Music provided is specific to this time of life.  We recommend recorded music by Therese Sheker Schroeder for end of life.  Therese specializes in musical thanatology and has amazing recorded collections.
Have Spa-Go's  train your outreach group, therapists or speak at your next meeting about end of life and using angel services for their church or family, please call our office.  We believe there is a healer in every family and we love to teach.   We have taught nurses, doctors, moms and grandmas, ministers, religious leaders and individuals desiring to offer this in their own settings.
Relaxation Service: soft fingertip movements to relax and soothe.  Faux fur used for a wonderful luxurious feel-good.   Making most ailments fade away.  (great for those who cannot have their circulation stimulated or are on medications that do not allow massage.   Very relaxing and healing. We will recommend from our musical collection, but like to integrate from the client’s favorites to bring about a peaceful relaxing memorable experience.
Gentle Bedside Manicure & Pedicures:  Spa-Go's accommodates end of life by providing gentle bedside manicures and pedicures.  Our services are aromatic, gentle and healing music is specially selected.
Gentle Bedside Hair & Make-Up:  When you need a little tlc on special days.  We style the face and hair bedside, gently.  Sometimes no make-up is used, sometimes just a little powder.   This is a very gentle service and includes appropriate healing music.
Gentle Bedside Facials:  We provide a gentle cleansing of the face.  Gentle facials feel great, are not always appropriate, but we provide this service bedside for those who would enjoy.  Our end of life facial is gentle, aromatic and very pampering.   We provide an Ayurvedic style approach to this facial and incorporate appropriate healing music.
Application of Pure Shea Butter:  Spa-Go's came about using pure shea nut butter when having a rose petal fall into the container and 3 years later discovered how strong the petal was, long after it had died.  We have been using it on the elderly for over 2 years now and want to recommend and offer it out to our customers.  The use of 100% pure shea butter (not  a lotion with a small amount in it, but at full strength) when applying to the skin, helps to strengthen and improve it’s condition greatly.  This helps in keeping the skin strong so that it doesn’t tear and helps to prevent  avoid bed sores.  We recommend you begin daily use of Shea butter at the age of sixty to sixty five years and up.  We highly recommend it when nearing the stage of being bedridden. (product available through our online store and may customize to your liking, makes the perfect gift to those in advanced stages of life).
Reiki Energy: Energy work through various hand positions is used to unblock and aide in energy current and flow.  Reiki is great for emotional issues and health issues where massage is contraindicated or the person receiving is very ill, near death or comatose.  Paired with aromatherapy and healing music by  Therese Schroeder-Sheker.
Japanese Ritual Body Wash:  Based on a Japanese tradition with a goal of becoming one with body and mind… your body is hand washed using our luxury Royal Jade aromatic bath gel with properties of jojoba and rosemary oils and chamomile extracts, vitamins A, E and C and essences of jade.  Totally professional and an amazing experience to add onto any service or package as a bedside vigil or part of your loved one’s end of life.  We like to pair this with our beautiful Tao of Healing musical collection.
Bed of Roses:  A blanket with 100 or more roses tied on to create a bed of roses, atop the dying or suffering.  The aromas are amazing and create a sense of natural aromatherapy.  Light-weight blankets can be purchased by Spa-Go's or you may mail a special blanket to us for design and arrangement purposes. Blankets can be ordered in quantities of flowers used.  Please specify 100, 200, 500 or 1000 roses/flowers. You will be charged in addition for the blanket and any design fees or special designed orders.
$350.00 and up depending on flowers and quantity used…
Calling The Angels:  A prayer specialist comes and calls for the angels to be present.  Throughout time people have connected to and mentioned angels at times of struggle or while passing on. Spa-Go's believes in angels and have prayer angels to visit those in need.  Let our specialist come and sit bedside for your loved one and offer prayer.  Performed as a bedside vigil. 
Bedside Musical Vigils:  Music-Thanatology, also known as prescriptive “harp therapy” by a highly skilled musician playing live music to ease the difficulty of passing on.  Harps ease the suffering through vibrations and help to release someone and ease their emotional suffering.  We have a collection of music that we recommend, please call our office for details.
$350 and up.
Recommended Gifts For Bedside:

Angel Care Bath and Body Collection


Angel Care Body Gloss, 4 oz.  
  This deeply nourishing skin oil creates a radiant silk effect to your body while providing heavenly aromatic pleasure. Use: Massage a light layer all over body after shower. Add to your bath for added skin softening and aromatic bliss.    
Angel Care Bath Gel, 6 oz.  
  Make your shower exotic with this gently rich body wash for all over cleansing. Skin will shine when you follow with your favorite body oil. Use: Gentle enough for all over body washing during shower or bath. Makes a great bubble bath as well. Delight in the pleasurable essences that linger with you all day...    
Angel Care Body Butter, 8 oz.      
  Ultra-rich butter for all over body bliss. Skin drenching shea butter promises to soften skin like never before. Luxuriate in the aromatic pleasure of this lingering essence, which vows to dazzle all who partake. Use: Apply all over body, hands & feet after bath or shower for the ultimate shine. A special treat for your hands & feet.    
Angel Care Sugar Glow, 16 oz.    
  Unveil your body’s lustrous beauty with this skin polishing rich texture of organic brown sugar, avocado oil & kiwi seeds that release an alluring exotic aromatic voyage. Use: Apply all over body while showering. After rinsing enjoy the sparkle and flower petal softness of your new ski     
Angel Care Bath Salts, 16 oz.    
  Bask your beautiful self in this well deserved bubble soak for the ultimate luxury bath experience. Organic flower petals adorn your body while you rest & renew in aromatic bliss. Use: While bath water is running pour bath salts into running water to create bubble effect. Play your favorite music, light a candle, sit back and relax...    
Entire 5 Piece Angel Care Collection  
Spa-Go's House Brand Aromatherapy Room Freshener: Aromatherapy is so important to change the mood or help the ill or dying relax and have peaceful minds.  A room freshener made with only essential oils, nothing synthetic, allows a beautiful scent.  When someone is bedridden and on medications or is ill, they omit an odor.  It’s obvious by those working with the bed-set.  The disinfectants alone can cause an irritated room odor.
  Our all natural blend contains all essential oils and the inclusion of tea tree oil to help with killing germs that are airborn.  We can add a floral note if you like, consult with our office on your goals and we will custom mix a blend that you can use daily as a treat.
  2 oz, $10.00; 4 oz, $15.00; 8 oz.  $25.00 (vitamin enriched 5 oil blend add $5.00, this blend is great for anti-fungal, anti air viruses and areas that are very contagious or have a heavy scent or odor.)  You may consult with our aromatherapist for tough situations.  We love to help!
Spa-Go's House Brand Aromatherapy Face & Body Spritz: This fine body spritz is perfect to hydrate and moisturize during the day.  We use all essential oils so that when you mist…your body gets a burst of applied vitamins and enriched nutrients.  You can opt for an anti fungal recipe for feet or hands, an anti-congestion mist with oils of eucalyptus… We have our famous house blend, a vitamin enriched 5 oil herb garden blend!  (the best in my opinion).  For those flower lovers, we have rose, gardenia, lavender, jasmine and orange blossom. Call our office and ask what’s on tap.  2 oz, $10.00; 4 oz, $15.00; 8 oz.  $25.00 (vitamin enriched 5 oil blend add $5.00, this blend is great for anti-fungal, anti air viruses and invigorate the skin.)
Spa-Go's House Brand 100% Pure Custom Mixed Shea Nut Butter:  Aromatherapy is so important to change the mood or help the ill or dying relax and have peaceful minds and soft skin and have some touch and closeness.  Consult with our office of the symptoms and goals and we will custom mix a blend that you can use on your loved one for a daily treat.  8 oz.  $25.00 and 16 oz. $45.00. (We highly recommend this as the shea nut butter helps to strengthen and thicken the skin to help prevent the skin from tearing and forming bed sores (although sometimes unavoidable), a daily application seems to help. 


Spa-Go's House Brand Nutrient Rich Massage & Body Oil:  Custom scented to ensure vitamin rich ingredients and quality oil, rich in nutrients.  Great for after bath or as an oil for a gentle massage.  Rich in olive and nut oils for amazing moisturizing results and your choice of several essences available.  Lavender, Herbal Garden Blend, Almond, Oil Arnica oil helps to heal the bruising of the elderly and is very relieving, we use Tea Tree as an anti-fungal, which is great for skin bacteria. Unscented available, as well..  4 oz. $10.00;  8 oz. $17.00; or 16oz. $27.00.
Spa-Go's House Brand Lip Balm:  Dry and cracked lips are a symptom of aging and dehydration.  We hand mix ours using the best products and oils.  We infuse herbal and fruit essences into each blend to invigorate, protect, repair and stimulate the lips and surrounding tissue.  We recommend daily use.  You may ask for custom coloring so you can have a little color.  Seniors and the elderly or ill tend to get very pale lips and a slight tint can be very attractive if chosen.  Ask about our monthly lip balm program so your loved one can have a new essence each month.  $7.50 each, $20 for 3.  Peppermint, Orange-Vanilla, Rosemary, Clove, and Tea Tree (for cold sore suffers),


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