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Pregnancy, Infant & New Mother Packages


Let Spa-Go’s help make your pregnancy, birth and delivery as easy and as healthy as possible.  Spa-Go’s has specialty services for pregnancy, infants and new mothers. Services specific to pregnancy are delivered right to your door or hospital room.  If the mother is ordered bed rest, Spa-Go’s comes right to the bed and she can still have in-bed organic manicures, pedicures, facials and massage with doctors permission. 

Spa-Go’s can be called during your labor and birthing.  Spa-Go’s has a full line of after birth options and wonderful new mommy and infant massages and instruction.  We love to teach!   Nannies, grandparents and friends welcome… Have Spa-Go’s at your welcome home party.

Fitness and nutrition are offered to help with the new mommy’s after care and recovery.  Spa-Go’s also has designers who can create unity jewelry pieces, eco-conscious new baby room design (lead free paint) and infant specialized photographers who can take pregnancy shots, new baby and mommy’s first photos.  

Question: Do you by chance also do pedi & medi or is it just massages you offer?

Anne: We have a pregnancy plan where we can get you weekly or monthly or daily services during your condition and then after with the new baby.  We enjoy showing new mothers how to offer infant massage to their child and bond - providing health and love.  We have all new polishes that meet all the safe standards, by OPI.  We offer relaxation and special music, although, we encourage you to buy and place in your home a mini spa room to use with your growing family.  Mom's like a place that is just about them (massage, meditation, rest, a paraffin unit, special lighting...).  An in home spa room is what I used to help me with tense days while I was raising my family and used it for the children to spend time in when they seemed over stressed or needed a time out.  Re-Balance...

Please call your insurer to verify coverage before requesting an appointment. A prescription from a primary care professional is required and must contain a diagnosis code or we will be unable to bill your insurance. Co-pays and co-insurance are due at time of service and must be paid by cash or check.



Pregnancy Organic Massage: Pre-natal massage service helps with conditioning the skin for elasticity, relaxing and assisting the body during pregnancy.  Pregnancy massage also is great at relieving the many discomforts of pregnancy:  backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, edema and swollen feet, nervousness, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc.  It gives the baby a boost of health as well. Music and massage have been proven to relax as well as stimulate the unborn child and lead to a healthier state of balance and a calmer personality.  $150.00/hour

Pregnancy Organic Manicure & Pedicures:  Choose from our wonderful selection of nail services and let them know you are pregnant.  You will be upgraded to organic products, formaldehyde free, non-toxic safe polish.  You will be treated with TLC. $150/hour

Pregnancy Organic Facials:  It’s important to get the right facial and pregnancy is a hormonally changing process on your body, and your skin!  We also want to upgrade you to an organic line and soothe you with calming notes of Lavender.  $150/hour

Pregnancy Fitness, Yoga or Pilates:  These services can be located on our fitness page.  You may choose most any of our services and they will be custom designed for you’re your condition. $125/hour and up (private one on one).

Pregnancy Lifestyle Package:  Recommended after first thee months and continuing for an entire year, which gives you 3 months post baby’s birth.  52 weekly massage, 24 twice-monthly manicure/pedicures, 12 monthly hormonal balancing facials and 52 weekly fitness training classes.  Starting at $17,500 for 60-minute services or $23,000 for 90-minute services (fitness remains at weekly 60 minute class).  Have our spa concierge assist you with creating your own program.

Labor Relaxation Spa Service:  How about spending your laboring at the spa?  Yes, we bring the spa right into your labor room!  We set up your labor room just like a spa, with quiet music, aromatherapy oils, candles, vitamin enriched refreshing body spritz, scattered rose petals, fresh fragrant flowers.  We give plenty of support and pampering.  You’ll have warm and cold compresses; assistance with labor breathing and meditation; gentle massage to the hands, feet, shoulders, scalp, legs, and lower back.  We also perform ancient, anointing of oil wellness blessings for mother and baby.  3-hour package starts at $375.00

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



Childbirth Massage & Recovery:  Relax after your birth in an aromatic atmosphere where baby’s first breath can be of natural floral notes and mommy can enjoy the feeling of being a new mommy.  This service is performed directly after childbirth up to the first 3 days after giving birth.   Specific goals of this service are to harmonize the body’s hormones and decrease stress, improve rest and relaxation, repair and help heal the tissue damaged during childbirth and leave the new mommy feeling special.   Our trained professional will gently manipulate the abdominal area to stimulate and help return the abdominal area to pre-pregnancy size and shape, perform our 25 point foot reflexology service and perform a mini mud treatment to withdraw toxins.  This service also helps to relax the mind and body for strong milk supply.  $250.00 for 2-hour service.   (We recommend the new mother, father, nanny or support team schedule a class in infant massage and infant product knowledge to benefit the first year of life).

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



New Mommy’s Massage:  Being a new mother is stressful on the body and on the mind.  Let us help you with regular conditioning treatments to help with muscle tone and skin conditioning after birth.  You will be relaxed by our Combo Swedish/Deep Tissue massage service using our all natural, tribal made, African Shea Nut Butter.  You’ll be listening to the sounds of Loreena McKennitt sing her famous collection of songs called Book of Secrets.  New mother’s that enjoy massage services are said to be more relaxed, get better sleep, are able to regain their stamina and strength easier and faster than those that don’t.  A great gift.  We recommend weekly after the first trimester. $145.00 for an hour; $225.00 for 90 minutes.  (Discounted to  $125/each for a package of 12 or more,  $1,500.00 for 60 minutes and $2,250.00 for 90 minutes.)

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service


Infant Massage:  by a certified, licensed, trained therapists who have been trained to work with infants and parents, together, for a balanced treatment.  A wonderful very gentle treatment using our signature “baby” blend of lavender oil to help soothe and relax. Infant massage and gentle yogic stretching are proven to help with boosting of all 10 systems and promoting healthy growth and development.  Infant massage helps with sleepless nights, colic, and growing pains.  No one grows more rapidly than a newborn.  It is a tremendous amount of stress on the muscles, bones and internal system. It is a tremendous amount of stress for the parents as well.  Take a nap and let us take care of baby.  A wonderful service for you both!  This service includes instruction to the parent’s or caretaker.  Recommended weekly for one year.  We recommend adding on infant services to mommy or family services to get the baby used to having services and bonding with the therapist.  You can use our time-share package to allow the first or the last 15 minutes for your baby.  $125 hour.  It is unlikely the child will allow the staff person an hour away from their mother.  So, this price is baby willing and we recommend the remainder of the hour (about 40 minutes) be shared among family members or the new mommy. 

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



New Mommy Nutritional Meal Delivery:  Optimal nutritional support for the new mother in mind.  The nutritional needs of a new mother are very different and we want to make sure you have the food necessary to help give you the energy you need and the nutrients you need to pass onto the new baby.  It is important for the family to spend time bonding and resting and adjusting.  Having nutritional meals are important for mother and baby and other children in the home too!  We recommend having a meal delivery service at least for the first month.  Relax, enjoy, and EAT!  $350.00 per week and up depending on family size and menu selection.

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service


New Mommy Detox/Fitness Series:  Getting back into shape and having your body cooperate is a challenge after giving birth.  After giving birth your body is reverting to a non-pregnant stage and releasing many stored hormones and waste by-products.   We have a weekly series of treatments that helps with this.  Our detox program works best when combined with a nutrition and fitness plan.  This treatment is all hands-on and includes a detoxifying mud wrap followed by a very quick massage with intense circulation techniques to help break down this waste and help the body cleanse.  This program helps with fat, cellulite and skin condition and tone.  Most people revert at a 20-25% faster recovery with any form of recovery massage.  $125/hour.  Weekly 90-minute detox massages and weekly 60-minute fitness classes, 6-week package (15 hours of services in total).  $1,875.00 
(Only sold in 6-week program to see, feel and maintain results.  Not recommend until 12 weeks post birth.)

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



Spa Baby Shower:  Our baby showers are custom designed and generally price from $375.00 to $2,000.00 and up.  Add-on food, desserts, mini cakes and flowers for the ultimate in party experiences.  Gift Registry available for your guests.

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service