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Senior Services

LOVE LOVE LOVE my haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was long enough for Locks of Love.  Now it's all curly again!   So we'll have her come again... maybe in a couple of months cause it grows so fast.   Thank you !!!!!!   -M

At Spa-Go's we know how to cater to seniors. All of the services we offer are available for seniors and our staff is trained to handle their special needs.

Please call your insurer to verify coverage before requesting an appointment. A prescription from a primary care professional is required and must contain a diagnosis code or we will be unable to bill your insurance. Co-pays and co-insurance are due at time of service and must be paid by cash or check.

Here are some of the many services that we offer seniors:


Senior Massage:  Senior massage is one of the most crucial times to have massage.  Massage helps with circulation, energy, touch therapy and body rejuvenation and immune system boosts.  We recommend the Panacean massage service, as that it offers deep massage in the high stress area of the neck, shoulders and back.  It has steamed towels applied and aromatherapy.  It also has stretching of the arms, legs and acupressure points up and down the spine for an immune boost and points for detoxing the organs.   We recommend twice weekly to no longer than every 6 weeks for a health program.

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service


Reiki Energy Services: The human energy is very powerful to our physical and emotional health. When someone needs energy or is feeling very lethargic, possibly just tired and worn out… we recommend our Reiki service.  It is performed by credentialed caregivers and consists of a placement of hands on and above the body and the caregiver uses their intention and prayer to direct their energy.  To infuse their energy into the spot of pain and help move the energy.  Giving the receiver a human boost of energy! 

If the feeling is chronic and whole body, a series of hand placements occur from head to toe.  Spiritual wellness is proven helpful in healing and we’d love to make a difference! We recommend weekly when energy is failing and touch is not enjoyable or circulation is not to be increased.  A phenomenally powerful experience.  

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service


Senior Facials:  We recommend a facial using our all natural African imported Shea nut butter to help strengthen the skin and hydrate to lessen the signs of aging.  Our amazing pumpkin peel facials also are a natural way to turn back the years and keep fine lines and wrinkles at a minimum.  You should have facials regularly.  We recommend twice monthly and no longer than ever 6 weeks for beautiful healthy skin.  (for ladies we recommend adding services to the hands, neck and chest areas where sun damage is most relevant.

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



Manicures/Pedicures:  It’s wonderful to have your nail services in home.  You get an entire hour all to yourself and don’t have to share your technician’s time.  More massage with your services.  You can find our various manicures and pedicures on our private services menu.  

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



Teeth Whitening:  The one-hour process is very effective for teeth that have been stained by smoking or by substances like coffee or tea. It also whitens teeth discolored by medicine such as tetracycline or speckled fluoride. For clients with teeth darker in stains,schedule an additional appointment within  24 hours to complete the fourth cycle to obtain the most desired results.
Alternatively,for clients with dark stains or clients who want to reduce the time of each cycle, we recommend you to split the whitening process into two treatments. The First Day we will perform two 20-minute teeth whitening cycles,The second day we will complete the procedure by performing another two 20-minute cycle. Natural teeth only.  

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



Custom Skin Coloring:  Custom skin coloring helps with those who are very pale, have age spots, too much red or other skin conditions.  You can control the color you receive and when attending events or functions, we can have our experienced technicians provide you with a healthy glow.  People will think you’ve been on vacation…

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



Senior Fitness:  We offer fitness programs and classes specifically designed to meet the needs of the senior, called Senior Specific.  Our programs will help seniors improve their lifestyle and overall health and operating system.  We like to help maintain muscular tone, cardiovascular health, blood pressure, bone density, flexibility, strength, stamina, joint pain and movement, balance and coordination.  We believe excellent nutrition mixed with services of movement and stretching for optimal wellness.  See fitness page for package options.  Packages start at $750.00 and up.

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



Lifestyle Services:  We have complete packages for the senior in mind.  To scheduled manicures, pedicures, hair and facials…  Let our office help build the best package for you.  You will never have to go without your services and they are so convenient in your own location.  The perfect lifestyle.  Pricing to be determined based on services scheduled.

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



Hair & Make-Up:  Have your hair and make-up professional done.  We can make you look your best for any event.  Just $150/hour (we recommend 90 minutes) or $225.00

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



Personal Shopping:  Don’t want to drive yet need something?  Let our personal shoppers take care of your shopping needs.  We have pricing from $35/hour and up.

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service



Photography:  If you have an event and go through all our primping and pampering, please let us schedule a photo session for you to preserve you.  Photo’s make great gifts at any time.  We have the best family portrait professionals to help with getting you ready for your session.  Surprise your friends and family with a picture.  One of the most requested gifts of children.  Starting at $500 and up.

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service


Jewelry Design:  Have fun making your family unity pieces out of your old stones or custom designed pieces as cherished gifts.  You can help design help.  You can also use your collection of jewelry for the stones used.  We can help you do this in a fun, safe, creative way. (expensive stones and gems will be carefully removed and placed in front of you for your protection by our designer, however, a fee does apply for her time).

Consultation and Design Fees Start at $225.0

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service


Gift Recommendations: We recommend our vitamin enriched body/face spritz, any of our fine organic collections.  After 60-65 we recommend regular applications of 100% pure shea nut butter to help preserve, condition and strengthen the skin.

Candles starting at $25.00 and Baskets starting at $115/up.

Call us at 818-249-7724 to book this service