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Facials, Waxing & Threading

*Products used are based on skin consultation with your esthetician. 

Basic Facial $175, 1 hour

A simple steam and scrub cleansing facial (no extractions). Use of top products that are clinically proven to remove dull aging skin and leaving your face feeling and looking it’s best.

Signature Eurpean Facial $250, 1.5 hours

This is a perfect introductory facial which can also be continued as an ongoing treatment routine.  It consists of steamed towels, detox, dead skin exfoliation, extractions to rid pores from impurities, customized treatment masks, nutrient enriched serums and moisturizers that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and healthy.  Alternate this facial with our other professional treatments for maximum results.  Happy Skin, Healthy Body!

Pumpkin Peel Specialty Facial $335.00, 1.5-2 hours

Papaya and grapefruit enzyme cleansing with steam to break down excess sebum and impurities, leaving the skin bright and refreshed, light extractions followed up by a nutrient enriched toner infused with pumpkin wine and lactic acid to refine pores, exfoliate, and prep the skin for maximum absorption of a 20% pumpkin and yam peel. Honey and avocado oil-based cream mask soothes and hydrate. Nutrient packed serums and moisturizers revitalize and leaves skin glowing inside and out! Our "most" requested facial. My favorite!

OUR BEST FACIAL: Luxury Chocolate Facial $350.00, 2 hours

Your skin will enjoy chocolate in every drop during this facial from beginning to end.  Deep cleansing with glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids and jojoba beads to lift dead skin cells along with a natural blended active face mask with soothing ingredients like cocoa, coconut milk and honey in additional to powerhouse enzymes that boost your natural defenses against wrinkles and sagging including coQ10, Live Carrot Fruit Cells and Ginseng Extract and hydrating moisturizers with cocoa and marshmallow extracts leaving the skin vibrant and refreshed.  This is the ultimate dessert your skin will love.

Deluxe Facial $200

A full steam facial with 2-3 Scrubs used with hot steamed towels including a hand massage and foot massage 5-6 minutes each. Application of anti-wrinkle serum and 30% sunscreen applied or night cream. Facial massage performed during service includes a cranial massage. Products used are clinically proven to remove dull aging skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and blemishes. Recommend series of at least 6 for optimal results and regular care thereafter. Extraction to be determined.

Acne-Free Enzyme Facial $280, 1.5 hours

Customized with care to meet the immediate needs of acne prone skin.  Our goal is to help correct and maintain healthy skin for an acne-free lifestyle.  It consists of a deep double cleansing, steam towel wrap detox, natural fruit enzymes antiseptics, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to exfoliate and soften clogged pores, detailed extractions, lymph drainage facial massage, customized treatment masks and hydrating serums and moisturizers to balance the skin.  Areas this will help:  acne, congestion, blackheads, ingrown hairs, pore inflammations.


Have an assortment of mini facials - depending on age, the costs are based on time, care and supplies used.  Just consult with our sales agent for pricing.  Many enjoy our express services which are 20 min, or 30 min in length and you have a mini facial. Great for groups!

Anti-Aging Facial $225, 1.5 hours

This facial is an advanced facial and includes all the steps in our Deluxe Facial (above) with the addition of a Micro-Derm style procedure. May not be recommended for certain skin types of those with broken skin. Products used are clinically proven to remove dull aging skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and blemishes. We recommend a series of at least 6 for optimal results and regular care thereafter. Extractions to be determined.

Glow & Go Facial $165; 45 min.

A mini facial that nourishes your skin and revitalizes your complexion with a perfect hydrating pick me up that will leave your skin glowing inside out.

Teen Facial $175, 1 hour

Tailored with care to meet the immediate needs of teens and pre-teens.  This facial includes an in-depth consultation and at home regimen training and recommendation.  Great for problematic skin concerns due to hormones.


(must be added on to a facial)

Extra Massage Time – Please Ask

Extra Hot Towels: $35.00

Add Upgraded Serum, Like Vitamin C $50

Full Body Scrub: $199.00

Foot Scrub: $125.00 *includes hot towel wrap

Hand/Forearm Scrub: $125.00 *includes hot towel wrap

Décolleté Facial add on: $135.00

Back Facial: $225.00

Gluteal Facial: $225.00

Brow Tinting add on: $99

Brow waxing $50; Full Facial Waxing $125



Nostril Waxing, 15 min. $35

Eyebrow Waxing, 15 min. $50

Top and Bottom Lip Waxing, 15 min. $55

Cheek Waxing, 15 min. $55

Side Burn Waxing, 15 min $55

Chin Waxing, 15 min. $35

Full Face Waxing, $125

Male Brazilian Waxing, 45 min $225

Female Brazilian Waxing with Vagicial, 75 min. $199

Vagacial, 30 min. $175

Bikini Waxing with Smoothing Scrub, $175

Derriere Waxing, 15 min $175

Derrière Crevice Waxing Add On, $199

Whole Leg Waxing, 1 hour $175

Half Leg Waxing, 30 min. $125

Whole Arm Waxing, 30 min. $175

Half Arm Waxing, 15 min. $125

Underarm Waxing with Smoothing, 15 min. $75

Back Waxing, 30-60 min. $185

Stomach Waxing, 30-60 min. $155

Chest Waxing, 15 min. Price $175

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