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*Note: must book $150 in sales to receive care

Manicure $99
Includes soak, cuticle care, cut down if needed, file shaping, lotion application and polish. Add gel for $35

Pedicure $150
Includes soak, cuticle care, cut down if needed, basic massage, file shaping, lotion application and polish. Add gel for $35

Combination Manicure Pedicure: $200
Includes soak, cuticle care, cut down if needed, basic massage, exfoliating scrub treatment to lower legs and feet, file shaping, lotion application and polish.

Gel Manicure & Gel Pedicure: $270
Includes gel add on to both hands and toes.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN - Just order what you want and we will give you our best price!


Add Safe Callus Removal (gel) $35
Add Scrub Softening Treatment; now included with all pedicures - add to hands for $35
Add Gel Hands $35; Toes $35; (If Glitter, Add $10 more)
Add Design $5 per nail such as French - all nails $50 nails and toes $100
Add Gel Removal $35 hands and $35 toes
Add Extra Massage Time: $37.50 for 15 minutes; $75 for 30 minutes
Hot Towel Wrap: $35
Paraffin Dip $75 per hands and $75 for feet


Fill $225 *gel overlay +$35 add on.

Full Set $225 *Ombre $275 + *Gel Overlay +$35 (long +$50)

Dips or Gel X Full Set $225

$50 add on for specialized hand shaping: Coffin, Stiletto, Almond or Oval Egg

$75 for specialized polish:  French or Reverse French or other trending style

$55 For Removal Of Old Nails with purchase of a full set

$125 Encapsulate Design Work (elements inside of nails)

$175 for removal of nails with special protein conditioning treatment upon return to natural nails.

A Quick Guide To Manicure-Pedicure Care

OUR PROVIDERS DO NOT WORK WITH CLIENTELE WITH FUNGUS: If you think you may have a fungal issue, please see a doctor or podiatrist for treatment.  Unfortunately, we have to decline any health conditions that call for medical care.

IT IS IMPORTANT YOU TELL YOUR PROVIDER IF YOU ARE DIABETIC: We do not recommend any cutting or trimming of nails or cuticles if you are diabetic.  We recommend you see a doctor or podiatrist for this. We can offer you a feel good treatment instead of pampered foot service.  We just want you to have the best of care, so we have to decline cutting if you have this health issue.

OUR PROVIDERS DO NOT DO CORRECTIVE SERVICES: If you have an ingrown toenail or fingernail - we cannot cut or correct this.  Please see a podiatrist for the correction.  If your family member is a senior with crumbling, thick and curling nails we will not perform any service and we recommend you see a podiatrist.

OUR PROVIDERS DO NOT CUT CALLUSED FEET WITH ANY METAL TOOLS: Services are all feel good and safe using one time pumice or foot files and one time nail files.  If you feel you need anything cut from your feet, please see a professional podiatrist, we will always decline any cutting or use of metal instruments.  Our callus is not a removal, but a callus softening treatment.  Calluses are important to leave for the health of your feet. Never ever let any technician cut or Dremel your calluses this is very dangerous and can alter your life forever.

SENIORS OR BEDRIDDEN GERIATRIC CLIENTELE WHERE THEIR NAILS ARE THICK, YELLOW AND CRUMBLING OR ARE CURLING: Our providers must decline your care.  Please see your podiatrist, once your toes are in shape, we can then maintain.  We cannot take on this type of care.  If your parent or loved one's toes are in this bad shape, as many are, please see a podiatrist immediately.  A crumbled nail is a danger and actually, believe it or not, life threatening.  If the nail falls off exposing an open wound it could prove fatal.  It's very important your senior loved ones has the best feet possible.  We have been told that Medicare pays for 2 visits a year for a podiatrist visit.  Please book accordingly. *Ask about our discounts for 75 years and older