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Policies, Terms Of Service & User Agreement

Easy as 1, 2 and 3

Our policies are set forth in a service agreement sent to you upon placing your order.

1. Call our office to place your order - we will make sure to gather information necessary for your best and safest service. Gather all the details such as name, address, location, guest count, health concerns, parking directive and entry details. Payment details will be taken including your credit card information at the time of ordering.

There will be a labor charge, a gratuity of 15, 18 or 20% (we recommend 20% due to travel and personal service); and a travel and sanitation fee - normally it is $25 ($10 to and $10 back for the provider and $5 for covid sanitation supplies and sanitizing their set up upon your service). If you have a half day of services, we will try our best to waive these fees. For locations that are outside of the normal service areas, services in rush hour or far away locations this fee may be more. Please see this amount on your service agreement. All orders require a signature on your service agreement before services are performed and can be confirmed.

2. We will secure your providers and send you a service agreement with all the policies and details noted via hello sign and include your payment receipt.  Please review this information and sign so that the order can populate to the provider for confirmation.

3. Once you have gone through the process, we will keep your file open and you may text or call to re-order. 

4. We will follow up to make sure you were happy with your provider and take any notes from you that you wish to leave for your next service date.

You can email us at or call us at 213-258-8191.