Mobile Salon, Day Spa & Lifestyle Providers - Serving California & Nationwide

How It Works


Spa-Go’s Mobile Salon, Day Spa & Lifestyle Providers started in Los Angeles, California and specializes in onsite personal services and healthy lifestyle services.  We recruit top level professionals that have experience in personal care and services and connect them to you.  Massage, Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Hair & Barber Services; Fitness and Lifestyle...  We even have a healing musical artist so if you like you can enjoy live music performed during your services or as an activity to engage your voice with harmonic healing from within.

We have a $175 minimum house call amount and recommend a 20% gratuity and do charge a travel fee that has been bouncing up and down due to the increased time on the road and fuel costs and each area is different. 

We offer loyalty promotions and large group discounts.  Please join our mailing lists for promotions - we alert you about every month of something new or on sale.




We feel privileged to be able to provide contractors that offer their services in places of infirmary (hospitals, assisted living centers, hospice care centers, and inpatient residential treatment centers).

Pregnancy, New Mothers, Seniors, and Children.  Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's disease and many forms of cancer are all things the independent contractors are accustomed to working with.

We need to know if you are diabetic for nail care; have sensitive skin for skin care; and have any mobility or nursing assistance as these are details that disclosed for your safety and the tech's availability.

Bedside service is additional $50 and some techs refuse to offer bedside.

We have a $175 minimum house call amount and recommend a 20% gratuity and do charge a travel fee that has been bouncing up and down due to the increased time on the road and fuel costs and each area is different. 


You can throw the most awesome spa, salon, and wellness-themed parties.  All ages love salon and spa services.  From our youngest having toddler parties, children's spa birthday parties, princess parties, mommy and me, dollie and me, tea parties, carnival style parties, baby shows, bridal parties, girls night in, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversary celebrations, holiday or appreciation events.

We have a full list of service items as well as add-on machines such as our cotton candy machine, margarita maker, pizza oven and cupcake maker.  All ages welcome.




Spa-Go’s Mobile Salon, Spa & Lifestyle Providers offers specialized providers that are self employed independent contractors direct to your office.  Your workers can benefit by having a customized Corporate Well-Fit Spa & Salon Program in house.  We have a team of many professionals.  Such as yoga, tai chi, chair massage or table well as experts who can perform physical fitness testing of your worker's flexibility, BMI, weight, height to help them stay and be healthy lessening workplace injuries.  Let us connect you with a health educator and host monthly presentation days.  Popular topics include healthy eating, nutrition fun, cooking fresh and more.  It's more affordable than you think and taking care of your staff takes care of your business from the ground up.



Spa-Go's Mobile Salon, Spa & Lifestyle Providers takes care of many large offices and brands looking for a customized wellness service or team building experience.  We have promotions for loyalty. Most offices enjoy chair massage with guest choice of: chair, neck/shoulder, low back, scalp, foot or hand massages and nail care is another popular office service where they do express mini services for large groups or full service for VIP, top sellers, their executive level team or send to their best customer.

Customized nail files, polishes, yoga mats, meditation pillows, robes, slippers - all can be custom branded for the spa party of your dreams.  If you need branded items – just ask.



Spa-Go's can pop up a tent and arrange for self employed independent contractors at any fair space, event space, backyard or parking lot.  We can even pop up on the beach.  You decide what service you want to offer, we'll brand around your company image and brand and show up and represent you and your brand with trendy wellness and salon care.

Mini polish changes, chair massages, hair braiding, face painting, henna and cotton candy making are a huge success for companies that wish to use our feel-good services to gain attention and recognition for their brand.

Great for local events, retail promotions or wellness events.  Perfect for anyone. T-shirts with your name, aprons with your company all can be specifically branded to represent your product line or feature product.  Ask me how today.



Raise funds for your school or group with every sale.  Through our fundraiser program, family and friends of your favorite charity or group can help raise much-needed funds for your group while also enjoying their salon, spa and lifestyle services catered directly to your event space.

We help with your contracting self employed independent contractors.  You can rent furniture from our sister company 360 Lifestyle Management Co.

Your group's friends and family can have events at their offices or homes and we offer a portion of the sale to the group.