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Tarot Readings

Virtual Tarot Readings – Just $75 and up per reading

For many of us, a tarot card reading means a woman in flowing robes, leaning over a small table in a candlelit room, with long nails and a large crystal ball – possibly to much make-up and a “cash only” sign at the door. We sit awaiting her to foretell our impending doom or greatness. But that’s not really what Tarot cards are about. In fact, they’re not even really meant to tell your future or fortune.

Tarot cards help individuals connect with their higher self, intuition, feelings and possibly signify awareness. Communication with one’s self.


In readings we do a 12 step celtic spread that completes your “as the world turns” in completeness.

  1. Heart and emotional self
  2. Physical and mental self
  3. Your challenge card which shows of a struggle
  4. What is in your head or your dreams, thoughts, focus
  5. What you are standing on from your past experiences that you are taking with you in life
  6. Your past and what is passing or behind you

7. Your future and what is coming or entering into your life
8.Your state of affairs as a whole
9.Your financial or prosperity as you are balancing your life
10.Your hopes and fears at the present
11.Your direction if you do not change your negatives and embrace your challenges
12.Questions – We ask you to ask up to 4 important questions you may have relating to a person, place, thing or situation.



Changes or Struggles – do you feel stuck?

Do you want to have a fun reading as a party or event activity?

Find out what the cards say about yourself, your future, your life and your dreams – Call Today To Schedule A Virtual Reading. Phone (213) 258-8191 or email